Our Metal Gear Solid podcast is the perfect Death Stranding companion

Explore the game that gave Hideo Kojima his carte blanche to make games about deliveries and pee.

Here's another one of those lost-to-time episodes, this one focusing on Metal Gear Solid.

We recorded this one quite some time back, as you'll be able to tell by some of the references we make, and I was juuuuust about to go live with it at the beginning of the year when suddenly, bam! Kojima Productions confirmed a 2019 release date for Death Stranding. "Hey," I said to myself, thinking I was being very clever, "we should publish the Metal Gear episode the week that Death Stranding comes out." 

And now, here were are, having done precisely that. And it's quite a good episode, I think, but you may be taken aback slightly by the fact that we drop references to things like, say, the belief that Final Fantasy VIII would never be remastered. Look, a lot can happen in the course of a year, even when we're talking about old games.

That said, please disregard the chronological hiccups and enjoy this in-depth discussion of Metal Gear Solid. It's perfect listening for those long hours of trying to keep Norman Reedus from falling over while trekking across vast stretches of wilderness.

Ooh, and look: Excellent cover artwork by Nina Matsumoto. That's rad.

Retronauts Episode 257: Metal Gear Solid
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Kat Bailey, and Shane Bettenhausen celebrate Death Stranding by revisiting the game that allowed Hideo Kojima the luxury of spending millions of dollars on name-dropping self-indulgence in the first place: Metal Gear Solid.