Mailbag summons: Super Mario goes portable

Whether Land, Deluxe, or Advance, we require your opinions about Mario's tiniest adventures.

It's that time once again: We're going to record podcasts! And as such, we need your opinions. After all, what fun is a podcast if you can't shout down the hosts? Other podcasts leave you shouting at your MP3 player in impotent rage over your inability to make your own voice heard. Only Retronauts gives you the power to be heard within the show itself!* 

This time around, the first topic we intend to tackle will be Mario's tiniest Super adventures—that is, his pre-New Super Mario Bros. handheld games. That's Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, and all four Super Mario Advance games. No, Wario Land titles don't show up in there, because they're Wario games. Not Mario. That's a whole other ball of worms. Can of wax. Something like that.

Anyway: You almost certainly have opinions about these games—I know, because I've produced videos about a couple of them, and those videos have accumulated more than 500 comments total. So let's make those points of view a part of the actual podcast instead of leaving them buried with the trolls and "FIRST!!"s at the bottom of a YouTube page. Yeah! You know the drill:

  • Send me an email to jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com, or
  • Leave a comment below, and
  • Keep it to about 200 words so we have time to cover everyone's feedback.

Please do opine no later than 9 a.m. PT Saturday Nov. 9. Thanks! And you can check out some video refreshers if need be:

* Yes, that's right, we invented community feedback and are the only podcast on earth to offer it. I'm pretty sure about that, anyway.