Share your ColecoVision memories for an upcoming podcast

ADAM memories are also acceptable, if you somehow have any.

Five years ago, we recorded an episode about the ColecoVision. In the spirit of thoroughness, we're going back to the well to talk about the very first game system I ever owned—and the difference is that this time, it won't just be my memories on display. Long-time ColecoVision enthusiast Jared Petty will be joining us for the conversation this time around... and we'll also be showcasing your feedback.

That's right, the topic of this mailbag is the ColecoVision and Coleco ADAM, and we really want to turn this conversation into a community piece. While pre-NES consoles tend not to get a lot of discussion on Retronauts due to (1) our respective ages and (2) the tendency of memory-constrained console games of the early ’80s to end up as fair slim experience that can be difficult to deep-dive into*, the heady thrill of owning and playing video games back then is enough of a conversation to be interesting all on its own. 

What did ColecoVision mean to you? Did ADAM teach you to program? Are you a famous typist because of that chunky computer? Was having a Donkey Kong home port with all four stages worth the tape cassette loading time involved? Did you accidentally see Smurfette naked? Regale us with all your memories of the console powerhouse of gaming's golden era! Here's how:

  • Send me an email to jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com, or
  • Leave a comment below, and
  • Keep it to about 200 words so we have time to cover everyone's feedback.

Please do opine no later than 9 a.m. PT Saturday Nov. 9. We're looking forward to it!

* There are of course exceptions, as seen in this week's Video Works piece on Pitfall II for Atari 2600:

Header photo credit: Evan Amos