Episode 265 explores retro mash-up adventure The Messenger

An interview with the creators.

A very, very long time ago—back in the mists of forgotten antiquity, or maybe it was around the beginning of the year?—I interviewed the creators of The Messenger, a very good and very smart creation for modern consoles and PCs that took some very obvious cues from all-time classic video games. The interview's been in the can for a while, just waiting for an opening in the publishing schedule (it's a very full schedule). And that opening turned out to be... today. So while a few of the topics we discuss here have changed status somewhat due to the endless march of time (i.e. "upcoming DLC plans" having become "a successfully deployed DLC release"), overall this is still a relevant and timely interview! Or should I say, "timeless"? Since mostly we talk about how cool Ninja Gaiden was on NES. That topic never gets old.

I would like to promise that future interviews hit the feed in a more timely fashion. But I can't! It's a very packed schedule, you see....

Retronauts Episode 265: The Messenger
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Episode description: Take a look into the genesis, classic inspirations, and development of Sabotage's double-retro indie hit The Messenger as Jeremy Parish speaks to creators Thierry Boulanger and Martin Brouard.