Our Empire Strikes Back retrospective episode does have its moments

"Not many, but it has them."

Yeah, sometimes I am guilty of sitting on podcasts for waaaay too long before getting them edited and posted on the feed, but you can't accuse me of that this week. Timed carefully to the arrival of the final film in the Star Wars saga, or so they say, Episode 266 follows on the heels of our Star Wars: A New Hope retrospective from last year by tackling the next film in the series—and, of course, the related games. The Empire Strikes Back seems pretty likely to go down in the books as the best Star Wars movie unless The Rise of Skywalker turns out to be way better than anyone expects, so what better timing? I ask you.

Naturally, we discuss both the film and the related games, as well as the impact both have had on pop culture (lots) and gaming (eh).

I don't expect to produce full episodes for each Star Wars movie, but we'll at least wrap up the trilogy at some point. If only to have an excuse to complain about "Jedi Rocks."

Retronauts Episode 266: The Empire Strikes Back
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Episode description: Just in time for the "conclusion" of the Star Wars saga (sure, whatever), take a look back at the franchise's cinematic high point (and all the related games) with Jeremy Parish, Benj Edwards, Ben Elgin, and Chris Sims.