Travel back in time by the decade (again) in Episode 273

Kick off 2020 with a look back at 1970, 1980, 1990, and... well, that's as far as we got.

It happens like clockwork, every 12 months. The days grow shorter. The weather becomes cold and bitter. People give each other gifts and eat too much rich food. Everyone stays up until a little after midnight for just one night, and often follow up by buying a gym membership.

And then... BAM. Retronauts Year-In-Review Revue.

Yeah, like always, we've gathered together to look back at the history of video games 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years ago. (Not much happened 50 years ago, but we gave it the ol' college try regardless.) And, as has been the case the past few times we've done this, we didn't get through every decade. So sue us. We like to take our time.

We'll be following up with two more episodes in this vein for 2020: A standalone look back at the year 2000 (which no doubt will explore the fact that it's impossible to say "2000" without prefacing it with "the year") and a 2010-focused episode to make you weep at your own mortality. It's why we're here, baby.

Retronauts Episode 273: The Years in Revue: 1980 & 1990
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Episode description: The Retronauts East crew (Jeremy Parish, Benj Edwards, Ben Elgin, Chris Sims) attempts to explore the highlights and disasters of gaming history in 1980/1990/2000/2010 in our annual by-the-decade recap... but only make it to 1990. It was a big year, OK?