Revisit an age before Atari 2600 in Episode 275

Yeah, there were consoles back then.

We don't often venture back into video game history of the days before the Atari 2600, mainly because there simply isn't that much history to speak of that far back. If you'll recall last week's episode, we really struggled to come up with anything video game-related to say about the year 1970. It's a very young medium, you see. The only art form with less history behind it than video games is internet shitposting.

We went for it this week, and by "we" I really mean "Kevin Bunch', friend of Retronauts and spelunker into the history of the Atari Video Computer System—or as the cool kids like to call it, the VCS. Kevin leads us, and by "us" I really mean "me", into the days before even Atari had a console to explore two of the world's first game consoles: The RCA Studio II and the Fairchild Channel F.

Enjoy this foray into prehistory. We don't often have a chance to delve into a topic quite this esoteric—so big thanks to Kevin for sharing all his extensive research and experience!

Retronauts Episode 275: Pre-Atari Consoles
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and vintage gaming expert Kevin Bunch turn back the hands of time to an era when the idea of the Atari 2600 was just a twinkle in someone's eyes, putting the focus on two pioneering consoles: RCA's Studio II and the Fairchild Channel F.