Enjoy a fright at the opera with our Parasite Eve episode

Also a gunfight at the opera. And a mit(ochrondria) at the opera. And so on.

Welcome back to the stage of history! And the stage of the New York Opera House! Or wherever it was that "Mitochondria Eve" torched an entire room of culture snobs (and got NYPD Detective Aya Brea out of a terrible blind date). I put together a mini-episode on Parasite Eve about four or five years ago, but I'm glad we had the opportunity to revisit the topic for a proper full-length episode as part of our long, slow journey through Squaresoft's classic RPG catalog. 

Onward! And inward! Because the greatest foes lies within the self, and all that.

Thanks once again to Greg Leahy for expertly editing this episode.

Retronauts Episode 284: Parasite Eve Revisited
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, and Shane Bettenhausen continue the journey through the Final Fantasy saga with this side excursion into an abandoned Manhattan and 1998's Cinematic RPG Parasite Eve. 

Cover illustration: Nina Matsumoto