Mario, MacVenture, and media: Catch up with our latest episodes

Alex Kidd is included in there, too, but that wasn't alliterative enough for this headline.

It's been a hectic month or so, huh? So hectic that while we've been publishing Retronauts per usual, we've been a bit remiss on documenting them here. But rest easy, gentle friend. This post is your chance to catch up on all the podcasts you've missed. (Though, really, why aren't you subscribed to the show already? It's painless! And free! Unless you want to support us on Patreon, which would be very cool of you.)

We've covered a pretty broad spectrum of topics recently, ranging from modern-day Mario to vintage Alex Kidd to a creator interview concerning Shadowgate

First, an episode from quite a while back—a look at the New Super Mario Bros. series. At 14 years of age, the DS game more than counts as "retro" by our guidelines. I know, it sounds impossible. But it's not. Sorry to inform you, but you're getting old.

Retronauts Episode 290: New Super Mario Bros.
MP3, 47.3 MB | 01:42:33
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert, and Cole Jones bop in time to the music as they revisit Mario's ugliest (but arguably best!!) adventures in the New Super Mario Bros. series. Cover illustration: Step Sybydlo.

We've also published our most recent live appearance, back at PAX East. It's going to be a while before we can appear live at a gaming event—or, in fact, before there's another gaming event for us to appear at—so please savor this moment. It's a pretty fun conversation, featuring Retronauts East regular Benj Edwards and RetroRGB boss Bob Neal.

Retronauts Episode 291: The Media is the Message - PAX East
MP3, 31.06 MB | 01:03:13
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Episode description: Live from PAX East, Jeremy Parish, Benj Edwards, and RetroRGB's Bob Neal discuss the evolution of physical media in video gaming and its impact on the tech and design of the medium.

And, finally, making his first Retronauts podcast appearance despite the fact that he's been contributing to the site for two years, we have Stuart Gipp talking about one of his all-time favorite franchises: Sega's Alex Kidd games. This conversation is backed up with a brief interview with Dave Marsh, one of the creators of Shadowgate—someone with whom I came into contact through my day job at Limited Run Games (and if you don't mind a plug, we're publishing the excellent Shadowgate remake he produced for Switch, if you're interested). 

Retronauts Episode 293: Alex Kidd & Shadowgate
MP3, 39.7 MB | 01:26:09
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish chats with Retronauts contributor Stuart Gipp about the mysterious appeal of Sega's Alex Kidd franchise, then talks to Shadowgate creator Dave Marsh about the history of the game and the inspiration behind its modern-day remake. Art by Leeann Hamilton.