Retronauts Episode 302: Star Trek The Motion Picture & Mega Man Battle Network

Our pandemic protocol brings about a most unusual podcast pairing

Folks, what we have here is a very special episode. Not in an American-sitcom-sense where we "get real" about a problem facing the youths of today, because this is Retronauts and we're not worried about youth. No, this episode is a magical conjunction of two disparate conversations between three people in three different countries about two entirely unrelated subjects. And yet it all works because this is Retronauts and we are always ready to discuss old media and its impact/influence at the time of its release and beyond.

Speaking of "beyond," this episode starts with Jeremy talking to Diamond Feit (who, m-me?) about Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the 1979 film that brought back the cast of the cancelled 1960s science-fiction show and launched them on a new voyage that would reignite Star Trek as a pop-culture phenomenon. While we both have a lot to say about the nature of the film itself, there were also a number of video game adaptations to discuss which is a novelty considering how few licensed properties had that honor at the time.

Secondly, Jeremy chats with USGamer's Nadia Oxford (co-host of Axe of the Blood God) about Mega Man Battle Network, the kid-friendly Pokémon-esque Mega Man spinoff that started in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance. Whether you were a kid who was there at the time or you missed that particular flavor of Mega Man, this is a fun discussion about the challenges and rewards of app-based grid-combat.

Description: Star Trek! Mega Man! These topics have nothing in common! Please enjoy two unrelated segments as Jeremy speaks to Diamond Feit about the very first Star Trek movie and its games before chatting with Nadia Oxford about very first Mega Man RPG.

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy