Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection brings SNK classics to Switch

Begging Hori for a clicky-stick Joycon starts now

(Spit-takes a ladle of hot Bisto) Eh?! Neo Geo Pocket Color games on the Switch?! Well, it's not unprecedented, is it? They did SNK Gals Fighters a short while ago, after all. Now, this summer, SNK are bringing King of Fighters R-2 and Samurai Shodown 2 to the Switch, with a promise of more to come. And you know what that means. If you guessed "hysterical speculation on which of the handheld's bloody brilliant library could potentially get another chance at the spotlight", you are incorrect. I am not hysterical. I would describe myself more as "frenzied", or possibly "maniacal".

Look, SNK, my friends, if you dangle this carrot in front of me and then fail to produce Metal Slug: First Mission and its even better sequel, the creatively titled Metal Slug: Second Mission, I'll be forced to retaliate. I haven't decided how just yet, but the top candidate at present is making a thread on ResetEra about how SNK have betrayed my trust, and then getting banned. I can't stress enough just how worth your time these lesser-known takes on the beloved blasting series truly are, and buying them now will cost you a pretty penny. SNK - if you make this happen, I promise I will finally buy the stupid, overrpriced King of Fighters XIV DLC characters. Deal?

If you can strike some sort of deal with Capcom and get Card Fighters Clash out there, that would be just super-duper. If you haven't played it, either version is basically just a perfect versus card game, massively ripping off Pokémon Trading Card Game in its structure, but far more fun to play in practice. Sorry, but it just is. It's simple, but deceptively deep and assuredly addictive. I rate it. And I'd love to see it on Switch.

We all knew this was coming. It's me, so... Sonic Pocket Adventure. Come on, lads, everyone wants to see this one. And if they don't, they bleedin' should, because it's great. A madcap mash-up of Sonic 2 and 3, with completely new level designs and a compelling collectathon element. It'd also be the first time we'd be able to delete our saved game, as the original cart version - hilariously - has no ability to do so. Play it fresh!!

If they could crack that third-party riddle, we could ge some excellent obscurities like Rockman Battle & Fighters, a fantastic compilation of the two joyous Mega Man arcade games. Maybe we could play Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, a horizontol shooter cuter than a booked patooter (What? - Ed). There's even an Ogre Battle game on there. Dare to dream, folks. Not the Cliff Bleszinski Dare to Dream, though. That didn't come out on Neo Geo.

Hell, there are plenty more great first-party NGPC games, too. Neo Turf Masters. Crush Roller. Ganbare Neo Poke-kun. The sky is quite literally the limit. Please, SNK - don't just release the fighting games. It's all you've been doing for the past infinity million years, and I want those Metal Slugs.

You can put King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 on PS4 or something too, while you're fulfilling all my dreams.