Retronauts Episode 311: Tales of Toad

For our Japanese listeners, that's Kinopio Monogatari

This week's episode of Retronauts is an unusual one, because after years of covering franchises or specific genres, today we are focusing on one character and their legacy both in video games and in ancillary media surrounding said games.

That character is Toad. Or maybe Toads? We know that more than one Toad exists, but is the Toad who teams with Mario & co. in Super Mario Bros. 2 the same Toad who competes in Mario Kart 64? What about the Toads in Super Mario Bros. 3 or modern Toads like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? Is there a Hero Toad that all Toads aspire to become? Is it like all those different kids named Link in The Legend of Zelda? Maybe every Toad is Toad.

I'm rambling, clearly, but I'm not in this episode so this is my only opportunity to Just Ask Questions, you know? Anyway, please hit play to hear Jeremy, Bob, and frequent guest Henry Gilbert discuss all things Toad(s).

Description: Just in time for another Toadstravaganza in the form of Paper Mario: The Origami King, Jeremy Parish joins Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert to talk about the history of Nintendo's pluckiest little demi-mascot, Toad. He's the best! (Or so he says.)

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Artwork for this episode by Steph Sybydlo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.