Retronauts Episode 360: Gaming in the Year 2001

What a great year for games! What else happ - oh.

For our 2021 series of episodes looking back at years that end in the number 1, we've already covered 1971, 1981, and 1991. This week, the subject is 2001, which necessitates a big trigger warning in advance: given its historical significance (and the fact that all four podcast participants this week are American), there is some discussion of the September 11 terrorist attacks and how they impacted our lives.

If you can handle that though, I think you'll find that this is a very fun episode because it turns out 2001 was an incredible year for video games. Multiple new consoles were launched, the PlayStation 2 really came into its own, and some industry-shaping titles were released to much acclaim. A lot of games mentioned in this episode are on our list to revisit in dedicated podcasts before this year is out, so consider this a sneak preview of Retronauts' 2021 schedule.

Joining Bob and Jeremy this week are two Retronaut regulars: Henry Gilbert from Talking Simpsons/What A Cartoon and Kat Bailey from Axe of the Blood God. All four speakers were college-age or above in 2001, but I think you'll be surprised when you find which two participants already knew each other at the time!

Description: Certain conditions have made time mostly meaningless, so it may shock and alarm you that 2001 happened 20 years ago. Yes, it's true. And while it was a monumental year in terms of events that shook the world, 2001 was also home to huge, industry-changing games, console launches, and so many other delightfully dated gaming moments worth remembering. This week, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Henry Gilbert, and Axe of the Blood God's Kat Bailey as the crew jumps back to an era where they were shockingly all adults.

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As with all of the episodes Bob produces, this week’s cover art is by Nick Daniel. Check out his Twitter, or patronize his Patreon!