Retronauts Episode 380: Breath of Fire I & II

At last, we are a Salad Toss Show

We are big fans of the RPG genre here at Retronauts and we have devoted many episodes over the years to series both big and small, but one that had escaped our attention was Capcom's Breath of Fire.

Notice I used the past tense because this week we're making up for lost time by having a chat about the origins of Capcom's first RPG franchise, focused mainly on the first two games (although later entries do come up mid-conversation). Other things that come up mid-conversation include the series' localization quirks, the surprising influence its creators would later wield, and Jeremy tells us all about "Inafune Hands."

Joining Jeremy and Bob and Axe of the Blood God's Nadia Oxford is Retronauts patron Alex Meyers. Indeed, this entire episode was Alex's idea, and we appreciate both his support and his enthusiasm for Breath of Fire.

Description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Nadia Oxford, and patron Alex Meyers activate their podcast genes and fuse into a super-form conversation about Capcom’s first serious attempt to enter the role-playing fray with the Breath of Fire games for Super NES.

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Artwork for this episode by Steph Sybydlo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.