Retronauts Episode 381: Ratchet & Clank

We like to play games of this...caliber

Before Insomniac Games became a AAAA-game-making factory and property of the Sony corporation, the company made a name for itself with a tongue-in-cheek series of shooters with a focus on punny titles and loads of silly weapons. That project began its life as "I5" (as in "Insomniac game #5") and after a few false starts involving a girl with a stick and a lizard, it became Ratchet & Clank, a buddy-action game that first hit the PlayStation 2 in 2002.

19 years later, the series is still going and Jeremy Parish welcomes regular Retronauts contributor Stuart Gipp and Retronauts patron Bill Nielsen of So Many Bits to discuss the lead-up to that first game, explain how the series evolved over time, and speculate about what might come next for the Lombax/robot pair.

Description: By patron request, Jeremy Parish and Stuart Gipp talk about the full span of Ratchet & Clank's storied history alongside said patron (Bill Nielsen). Thrill to intergalactic escapades! Marvel at sequels! Scintillate at Dr. Seuss conspiracy theories!

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Artwork for this episode by Amanda Pruitt and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.