Retronauts Episode 383: Delisted Games

Your game collection is sadly temporary

Has anyone else noticed that playing video games is fun, but buying video games is somehow even more fun? There's just something about that feeling you get when you look at a lineup of software that you "own" that makes sense to me, and I cannot explain it.

Unfortunately, no collection lasts forever, especially not in our current age of digital storefronts where our stockpile of amusements are really just 1s and 0s on a hard drive. Buying games today means we only get to keep it as long as a corporation's servers are live, and since we here at Retronauts love old games, that means much of what we discuss exists in a perilous state.

This episode came about when Sony announced the PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP stores would all be terminated this summer, bringing an end to a library over a decade in the making. Fortunately, the very public backlash convinced the company to hold off on pulling that plug, but the day is coming when all our PlayStation Network purchases may evaporate into the ether. So listen to Jeremy, Stuart Gipp, and Shawn Sackenheim of as they go over a few choice titles that have either already vanished or may do so soon.

Description: Jeremy Parish, Stuart Gipp, and curator Shawn Sackenheim convene to discuss... well, delisted games. Inspired by Sony's recent PSN delisting fakeout, we look at multiple digital platforms whose games can no longer be acquired legally.

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Artwork for this episode by John Pading and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.