Retronauts Episode 386: Street Fighter II Redux

We're not ready to count to 3 just yet...

Greetings, fighting game fans! With 2021 marking 30 years since the genre came alive with the original release of Street Fighter II, we’ve been going through the celebrated series with podcast episodes dedicated to the first Street Fighter, its unofficial spinoff Final Fight, and a full discussion of the initial impact of Street Fighter II.

Today’s episode is also about Street Fighter II, but it focuses on the game’s many, many iterations that tweaked and modified the vanilla World Warrior into a faster, bigger contest. Considering that Capcom released a new version of SFII for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, that’s an exceptionally long conversation!

Jeremy’s guests this week are Axe of the Blood God’s Kat Bailey, Casual Magic’s Shivam Bhatt, and Sam from Polygon Symphonies who makes his Retronauts debut—a New Challenger!

Description: Jeremy Parish, Kat Bailey, Shivam Bhatt, and Sam revisit the World Warrior circuit to talk even more about Street Fighter II—or rather, the MANY iterations and permutations it undertook between 1992-2017. Turbo, Hyper, Ultra, even Rainbow! It's all here.

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Artwork for this episode by Shaan Khan and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.