Retronauts Episode 392: The History of Koei/The Koei of History

Romance is in the air on this week's episode.

A long-overdue episode this week, as Christopher Hansen asked us to tackle Koei sims (particularly Romance of the Three Kingdoms) back in December 2019. The chaos of the following year didn't do any favors for my efforts to find Retronauts regulars who were comfortable weighing in on a hefty and complex topic like this—but thankfully, fellow Greenlit Podcast Network members Aaron Littleton and Mat Bradley-Tschirgi volunteered to step up to the plate and share their love of this small but thriving niche of video gaming. It's a podcast about the history of games about history, an infinitely recursive journey into days of peasant uprisings and such.

Description: By patron request of Christopher Hansen, Jeremy Parish sets the Wayback Machine to sengoku-era Japan, sangoku-era China, and, uh, the airline business to discuss Koei's legacy of historic sim games with Aaron Littleton and Mat Bradley-Tschirgi.

Art this episode by Nick Wanserski, and edits by Greg Leahy. Music this episode:

  • 10:50 - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: Chaisang Theme
  • 19:36 - Romance of the Three Kingdoms (NES): Message
  • 29:18 - Nobunaga's Ambition (GB): Title 
  • 41:02 - Romance of the Three Kingdoms (PC-88): Opening / Genghis Khan (PC-88): Dream of the Wanderer
  • 49:40 - Aerobiz (SNES): Japan
  • 59:07 - Gundam Musou Special: Gallant Char
  • 1:08:10 - Nioh: Okatsu Theme
  • 1:16:23 - Beserk and the Band of the Hawk: The Band of the Hawk
  • Closing - Uncharted Waters New Horizons (SNES): Wind Ahead

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