Retronauts Episode 399: Formative Gaming Memories

"Recall, Recall, Recall..."

May I be real for a second? Video games, a medium which we all love so much that we commit hours of our time to play and discuss them every week, are largely made for children. Sure, there are "mature" games and "adult" games out there, but the collective industry is kid-focused in a lot of ways. I say this not to denigrate our collective hobby, but to point out that all of us adults who still care about games must have reached a point in our lives when we realized that games just meant more to us than they mean to other people.

That realization is an underlying theme of this week's episode of Retronauts as the East crew of Jeremy, Ben Elgin, Benj Edwards, and Chris Sims gather in person (yet still responsibly distanced) to discuss the games and memories that shaped their tastes. At one point, the notion is raised that everyone's favorite video game is whatever they played when they were eight or nine years old; in my case, that would line up with my fascinating, if meandering, journey through Ultima IV on my Commodore 64.

Also, Chris mentions how he would never play Tokimeki Memorial but he would watch a five-hour video about it, and I'm going to surmise he probably meant this one by Tim Rogers. Enjoy!

Description: The Retronauts East crew gets together again for the first (and last?!) time since last year's lockdown to talk about the only topic that truly matters: The games that got us hooked on the hobby. It's a little bit about history, and a lot about love.

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Artwork for this episode by John Pading and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.