Retronauts Episode 411: Skyrim


Everybody loves Skyrim, the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series, the source of all those arrow-in-the-knee memes and the possessor of such staying power that even with its 10th anniversary on the horizon, Bethesda still updates it for release on newer platforms. It's the RPG no one has to stop playing and, it seems, few people do.

With all that in mind, our host Jeremy and our three guests this week (Axe of the Blood God's Kat Bailey, Jeff Green, and Ray Barnholt) openly admit that they've never actually beaten Skyrim. Jeremy even reviewed it for and put in hundreds of hours into the experience, yet never completed the main story. However, our panel of Skyrim experts agree that this does not matter in the slightest, and their arguments compel me to finally give the game a try after being intimidated by its sheer size for a decade.

Incidentally, the online race which comes up in this episode that Jeremy livestreamed ten years ago is still online, so please take a gander at an authentically retro video on Twitch. And should you find yourself adventuring in the wilds, make sure to wear kneepads.

Description: 10 years ago, Bethesda's open-world role-playing adventure Skyrim took the world by storm. A winter storm. Because… winter is coming? Anyway, Jeremy Parish, Jeff Green, Kat Bailey, and Ray Barnholt look back at a decade of never completing the main storyline.

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Artwork for this episode by Nick Wanserski and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.