Retronauts Episode 455: Bad Games We Love

These games ain't BAD! They ain't NOTHING!

We take the topic of video game history and preservation seriously 'round these parts, but that doesn't mean every game we discuss has to be "good." Statistically speaking, there are way more "bad" games than "good" games anyway, so we cannot dismiss huge chunks of the medium just because of publisher indifference or glitches or any of the many, many reasons a game can fail to live up to our expectations.

Ready for the twist? This week, we're talking about "bad" games that our panel of experts (host Jeremy Parish, frequent host Stuart Gipp, plus guests Jared Petty and Kat Bailey) feel are good, actually. That's right, it's a semantic nightmare on the podcast when all subjective superlatives are rendered irrelevant! One man's trash is another's treasure, after all, so even if the entire world deems a particular game "bad," it only takes one person's contrary opinion to negate that global sentiment.

So please enjoy this positive chat about less-than-respected games and prepare for the inevitable mirror episode where we'll have no choice but to discuss "good" games that are actually "bad."

Description: Jeremy Parish, Stuart Gipp, Jared Petty, and Kat Bailey look deep inside their hearts and find that there is indeed room enough for love, even for crummy games that don't deserve it. This week, we discuss the lousy ol' games we love despite themselves.

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Artwork for this episode by Nick Wanserski and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.