Retronauts Episode 461: LIVE ~ The Games That Shaped Japan / Documenting Video Game History

A double-header of deep-dives into gaming's past

The pandemic has not ended but for now, society seems to be inching towards business as usual and in-person events are reopening their doors. And wherever humans gather to discuss old video games, our own Jeremy Parish is open to invitations.

This week's episode combines two of Jeremy's panel discussions from the Midwest Gaming Classic held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this spring. First, he sits down with Axe of the Blood God's Nadia Oxford, Atari Archive's Kevin Bunch, and One Million Power's Brian Clark to break down the video games that wielded the most influence on Japanese developers in the late 1970s and early 80s (not all of which were Japanese games, by the way). One day later, Jeremy joined gaming historian Norman Caruso and the Video Game History Foundation's Kelsey Lewin to talk about their mutual interest in recording and preserving video game history.

Please note that both of these panels were recorded live at the event (thanks to Jason Gares) which means the audio quality is not on par with episodes that we record in private. We hope you enjoy these conversations, whether you were able to visit Milwaukee or not!

Description: Live from MGC! Jeremy Parish, Nadia Oxford, Kevin Bunch, and Brian Clark explore the 8-bit games that shaped Japanese design tastes. Plus: Kelsey Lewin and Norman Caruso share their thoughts on documenting the history of games.

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Artwork for this episode by John Pading and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.