Retronauts Episode 509: Stephen King's Influence on Video Games

This episode is best enjoyed in the great state of Maine

Mention the name "Stephen King" to most adults and they'll likely talk about one of his many books, or share their favorite films or television adaptations based on said books. They might even be a huge fan of Maximum Overdrive, King's sole directing credit (for good reason). But how many of them will turn the conversation towards video games, a medium the famous author has barely dabbled in?

Well, Nadia Oxford is not most adults, and neither are her guests, returning favorites Shane Bettenhausen and Andrew Vestal. In this week's chilling episode, the three will invoke dark forces and dig up an ancient burial ground while they talk about Stephen King's massive body of work and the impact it has had on the world of video games—and not just horror games either!

Description: Nadia Oxford chants the names Andrew Vestal and Shane Bettenhausen three times in reverse to summon them into an episode recording circle dedicated to exploring the influence of acclaimed horror author Stephen King on video games. We all ’cast down here…

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Artwork for this episode by Amanda Pruitt and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.