Retronauts Episode 558: Disney's Illusion games

The Disney Store called, they're out of Mickeys

Let's put our cards on the table: The Walt Disney Corporation owns a staggering amount of media properties, including some of the most beloved characters known the world over, and yet their primary representative remains a weird-looking mouse character created 95 years ago.

Does anyone actually feel an emotional attachment to Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck has his distinct delivery and rage issues, Goofy is a pratfall master, but what exactly does Mickey do? If you have a favorite running Mickey Mouse gag then sound off in the comments, but to me, he's just a pair of big ears and white gloves.

Love him or hate him, Mickey has served as the Disney ambassador in many different mediums, and relevant to us, that includes video games. Stuart Gipp hosts this week's episode looking back at Sega's move to hitch their wagon to the House of Mouse with a quasi-series of titles which all include the word "Illusion." Joining Stu to go over these releases and give them their due are returning guests John Linneman and Thomas Nickel. I'd end this post on a Mickey Mouse quote but I can't think of one, ha ha!

Description: A real Mickey Mouse operation from Stuart Gipp, John Linneman and Thomas Nickel, covering Sega’s iconic “...of Illusion” series of Disney games!

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Artwork for this episode by Salem Sloane and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.