Retronauts Episode 564: Grim Fandango

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Skeletons: They're just like us! Four limbs, one head, and a pelvis that won't quit. So why do video games force us to destroy our meat-free cousins en masse? Why can't we embrace bones instead of break them?

Enter Grim Fandango, the 1998 LucasArts adventure that takes place in the Land of the Dead where everyone's a skeleton. That doesn't stop them from living their (after)life to the fullest, as they drink and smoke and do all the stuff we fleshy types might do.

Host Bob Mackey, joined by guests Kole Ross and Everdraed, presents this final entry in our long-running series of podcasts about LucasArts adventure games. How appropriate that this one would be chock full of skulls, the universal sign of "game over."

Description: In 1998, Tim Schafer decided to leave LucasArts on a high note with Grim Fandango: the Day of the Dead-themed adventure game that leaves pointing-and-clicking in the past—for better or worse. This one-of-a-kind experience mixes the trappings of film noir with Mexican mythology, resulting in one of the greatest gaming backdrops of all time. But after 25 years and despite the endless acclaim, it's hard to ignore the fact that Grim can't help but stumble over itself in its desire to innovate.

On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Kole Ross, and Everdraed as the crew lights their totally-safe-for-skeletons cigarettes and sinks into the moody, pulpy vibe of Grim Fandango.

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As with all of the episodes Bob produces, this week’s cover art is by Nick Daniel. Check out his Twitter, or patronize his Patreon!