Retronauts Episode 570: Gex

It's always TALE time on a podcast

For over two decades, the humble gecko has served as a pitchman (pitchlizard perhaps) for Geico, a massive auto insurance company that has an entire section on its Wikipedia page dedicated to lawsuits. Yet this is completely unfair because before any corporation tried to hide behind this grinning green reptile, we had Gex.

Gex married the fun of a platform action game with the comedy chops of actor, writer, and stand-up performer Dana Gould. Gould would pen all of his own jokes to keep players entertained while they did their best to navigate the Media Dimension via Gex's special abilities. Two sequels would follow and just Gould's career started to really take off, Gex the character disappeared. This was also around the time Geico introduced their gecko character. Coincidence? Maybe!

Host Stuart Gipp is joined this week by returning guests John Linneman and Thomas Nickel, all experts well versed in the art of 90s platformers and eager to revisit the Gex trilogy in advance of an upcoming Limited Run Games re-release.

Description: It is, at last, Tail Time for Stuart Gipp and lizard-loving pals John Linneman and Thomas Nickel as they enter YOUR Media Dimension (brain and ears)!

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Artwork for this episode by Salem Sloane and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.