Kickstarter Kompilation: December 2023 edition

You can call Stu "old man 2023" since he's working on one of these listings.

2023 is speeding (sledding? any snow in your area yet?) towards its end so our final Kickstarter Kompilation for the year has arrived. And while one of these projects will include words from a writer we all know, I have no insider information or financial interest in any of these projects. Also, in light of the ongoing pandemic, we recommend only backing crowdfunding campaigns if you feel comfortable with your own security and stability.

Spirit of Meda (ends Dec 7 estimated reward date Jun 2025)
Broadleaf Digital describes their work as a true passion project, as their team began working on Spirit of Meda four years ago without any formal training in game development. Their inspirations run the gamut "from Majora's Mask to The Witcher."

Siege Island (ends Dec 12 estimated reward date Apr 2024)
Blini Games are working on a real deep cut, calling their project "a modern twist on the classic 90's arcade game Rampart by Atari Games and Midway Games." They plan to launch Siege Island on Steam Early Access before the month is out.

Koboo: The Tree Spirit (ends Dec 14 estimated reward date Jun 2024)
Koboo checks a lot of boxes: It's an action-roguelike with Souls-like combat and Metroidvania-inspired exploration but there's also animals to tame, fish to catch, and gardens to garden. A demo is available on Steam.

A Profound Waste of Time issue 4 (ends Dec 14 estimated reward date Dec 2024)
Returning for a fourth round of crowdfunding, the next issue of A Profound Waste of Time will include stories from the makers of Portal, Silent Hill, and the founder of Treasure, among others.

GameBook Color: The Unofficial CGB Companion (ends Dec 14 estimated reward date Mar 2024)
Following up their successful campaign earlier in the year, Ninty Media is back with another book dedicated to handheld Nintendo consoles. Also returning: our own Stuart Gipp will be contributing to this project as he did the last volume.

Logiart Grimoire (ends Dec 23 estimated reward date Apr 2024)
If you've played any Picross games on Nintendo consoles, you're probably already familiar with Jupiter Corporation. This new title, available on Steam Early Access, combines the number puzzle know-how of their past work with an all-new "fusion" system which revolves around word puzzles.