Retronauts Episode 579: Writing About Video Game History

Books: Podcasts without the mouth sounds

We're tooting our own horns on Retronauts this week, but with good reason. In building a roster of thoughtful video game experts for our program, we've also managed to collect a number of authors into our midst. Jeremy Parish in particular has the most tomes to his name at this point; he's not just a successful video maker, he writes words good too!

To discuss their collective experience committing video game knowledge to paper, Jeremy talks to Kevin Bunch (Atari Archive Vol. 1: 1977-1978), Stuart Gipp (All Games Are Good), Bob Mackey (Day of the Tentacle), and Nadia Oxford (Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter's Field Guide). We guarantee this podcast is papercut-free!

Description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Nadia Oxford, Stuart Gipp, and Kevin Bunch have one thing in common: They've published books about video game history. In this episode, they break down the work involved in making the magic happen.

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Editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.