Retronauts Episode 584: Contra Operation Galuga & Toxic Crusaders

202-FOUR interviews if you count each audio channel separately

Happy New Year, Retronauts fans! In observance of the properly even-numbered 2024, we've got a pair of conversations with developers conducted by our own Stuart Gipp. In both cases, the subjects have a long history of making games and hope to release a new-yet-still-retro game before this year is out.

First, Stu talks to Tomm Hulett of WayForward. Tom shares the wild way he found himself entering the video game industry at a surprisingly young age before getting down to the main event, Contra: Operation Galuga. Next, Stu asks Freakzone Games' Sam Beddoes about their forthcoming beat-em-up Toxic Crusaders.

Description: It’s clean-up time! Let’s attack aggressively! Stuart Gipp offers up twinterviews with Tomm Hulett (WayForward) about the upcoming Contra: Operation Galuga, and Sam Beddoes (Freakzone) about the also- upcoming Toxic Crusaders. Strap yourselves in!

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Artwork for this episode by Salem Sloane and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.