Retronauts Episode 620: Micro Machines

What is this? A podcast for ANTS??

80s will likely remember Micro Machines, a line of toys which, as the name suggests, were quite small. Yet their impact on the video game world was larger than you might expect!

Across the pond, British developer Codemasters turned Micro Machines into a mini-franchise of racing games, all taking the concept of "little vehicles" literally. It's like you're driving on your dining room table but you don't need to clean the skid marks before you eat.

UK correspondent Stuart Gipp hosts this not-so-petite conversation about the Micro Machines video games, joined by's Lewis Clark and comedian/streamer Guy Kelly.

Description:What if a car was small? Stuart Gipp, Lewis Clark, and Guy Kelly shrink themselves down, dive into a teeny-weeny jalopy and race to Retronauts Studios!

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Artwork for this episode by Salem Sloane and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.