Retronauts Episode 623: Wario Ranking Hootenanny

Waluigi remains #1 in our hearts

Who would have thought a simple pun and an inversion of one letter would give birth to one of Nintendo's biggest characters (at least in his eyes)? Yet when Mario needed a villain for Super Mario Land 2, director Hiroji Kiyotake said "Since he was a warui (bad) guy, he should be Wario." M→W! Perfect, no notes.

Once he debuted, Wario soon abandoned his rivalry with Mario to venture out on his own, battling other villains in order to maintain his lust for gold. This week on the podcast, we rank Wario's solo efforts to determine which outing is truly "number WAAAAAN."

Jeremy Parish hosts this hootenanny, joined by Kevin Bunch and Stuart Gipp. Thanks to Wario's evil influence, there's a bit of profanity mixed into the conversation, but there's also plenty of laughs. We also had our Discord community vote for their favorite Wario games to influence our rankings. Want in? Sign up for the Retronauts Patreon at $5/month (or more) and join us! Obeeey WAAARIO!!

Description: Jeremy Parish, Kevin Bunch, Stuart Gipp, and the Retronauts community gobble garlic, punch a wall for coins, and let rip a big ol'... hootenanny! This time, we rank the Wario Land games. Perhaps the most important conversation you'll hear all week.

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.