Let's revisit the TI-99/4A with Retronauts Micro 62

You may recall that once, a long, long time ago, we launched a biweekly podcast called Retronauts Micro. And if you think back to that dim and distant time, you might remember that we kicked the whole thing off with a look at a fairly obscure ’80s personal computer from Texas Instruments known as the TI-99/4A. I even put together a video version of that episode!

But these days, Retronauts Micro has changed. It's bigger. More expansive. And they're no longer just me or Bob yammering by ourselves into a mic for 10 minutes. Honestly, we probably ought to go back to calling them "Retronauts Pocket" the way we did during our Kickstarter run, but that would probably be more confusing than explanatory.

Anyway. The point is, now that Retronauts Micro isn't so micro, we'll probably be revisiting some of those early topics to give them a more thorough treatment. Example: This week's Micro, wherein the Retronauts East crew gathers together to talk about the TI-99/4A for 50 minutes rather than 10.

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Episode description: We circle back to the original Retronauts Micro topic to do it proper justice. Ben, Benj, and Jeremy tackle the TI99/4A: Its history, its games, and... well, that's about it.

Consider the original TI micro a sort of appetizer for this, the main course. I am pretty sure that this episode covers the topic exhaustively, so I can't imagine this won't be our final word on TI's home computer project! Now, their calculator games, on the other hand... that could make for an interesting episode someday.

And don't forget to check out Kirin's Retro Closet, where Ben has been posting visual supplements to our episodes!