Retronauts Micro 65: Farewell, Genyo Takeda

We pay tribute to one of gaming's most enduring creators on the eve of his retirement from Nintendo.

A few months ago, Nintendo announced the impending retirement of one of the chief architects of its video game business: Genyo Takeda, a man who has been with the company for more than 40 years. In that time, he's helped oversee Nintendo forays into arcade-based video games, its early home consoles, and countless beloved creations since. Takeda took charge of the design of games like Punch-Out!! and StarTropics, led the development of the memory mapper chips that kept NES games competitive for a decade, and more. Naturally, we roped in Nintendo experts Chris Kohler (of Kotaku) and Jose Otero (of IGN at the time this was recorded, but now actually employed by Nintendo) to look back on Takeda's work and its import. 

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Episode description: Chris Kohler and Jose Otero join Jeremy and Bob to mark the impending retirement of Nintendo veteran Genyo Takeda, one of the most tenured game creators still working. From EVR Racer to StarTropics to MMC tech — a freeform discussion of a gaming legacy.