Retronauts Pocket Episode 9: Super NES Accessories

Retronauts 9 Pocket cover

In the third and final "accessories" episode I'll be doing, we (Ray, Bob, Matt) go over some of the peripherals for the Super NES, which did not have *exactly* the same kind of insane flood of crazy controllers or other stuff that the NES received. Sure, the SNES got many of the same things the Genesis did, but as far as exclusive goods, the pool just wasn't as large. Speaking of large, we do talk about the gargantuan Super Scope, which actually got some good games for it. On a smaller scale, there's the Super NES Mouse, which got way more games supporting it than we even talk about (including Shien's Revenge, which I erroneously call Shiren's Revenge; whoops). There's also the Super Game Boy -- arguably the best accessory for anything -- and the usual brief look at some Japanese standouts, like the Lasabirdie and the Satellaview. And I'd be remiss if I overlooked the LifeCycle exercise bike. Where was that in the Wii's heyday, huh?

And if you've listened to the episode already, for posterity, here's my Dezaemon video I mentioned when talking about Mario Paint.

As always, thanks and enjoy!

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