Retronauts Micro 66: Portable Batman gaming

Batman is a creature of the night, so we're guessing he probably only plays on backlit portables.

What is a Micro? A miserable pi—no, wait, wrong game franchise. Well, in any case, this latest episode of Retronauts Micro definitely strains the definition of the term. Micros were supposed to be, like, 10 minutes long. This one clocks in at more than an hour. I dunno, man. Life's weird sometimes.

So yeah, this episode is kind of a Patreon request, but kind of not? However, I can say with certainty that it is definitely a follow-up to our Batman episode from a few months ago. We didn't really give the handheld Batman games their fair shake, and that was lousy of us. So now we've circled back around to give them another look. And away... we... go!

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Episode description: Chris Sims and Benj Edwards help Jeremy field a patron request to explore the Game Gear version of Batman... along with a bunch of other handheld titles we gave short shrift in our recent classic Batman games survey.