Listener mail call: The tunes of Castlevania IV, Ninja Gaiden, etc.

Have thoughts on some of the greatest game soundtracks of all time? Cool. Share them on an upcoming podcast episode!

Hello, beloved readers and listeners. It's time once again for that most hallowed of Retronauts events: A call for listener feedback. Your thoughts and contributions to our most recent couple of episodes have been extraordinary, and we want to keep the magic going. I'll be recording a Retronauts Radio episode this coming weekend, and I'd love to include some of your opinions about the albums in question that I'll be covering. 

The records in question will be:

  • Mondo's Castlevania IV 2LP soundtrack
  • DataDiscs's Altered Beast soundtrack
  • Bravewave's Ninja Gaiden anthology 2CD set (covers the arcade game and NES trilogy)
  • Mondo's Silent Hill soundtrack

Since our Tetsuya Mizuguchi interview took the place of August's Radio episode, I'm running a little behind on covering commercial releases, so it's all records and CDs this month! But that's OK — you don't really need to have opinions about these specific releases. It's about the music. Do you love these soundtracks? What moments stand out to you? Do you have a single favorite track? Was there a melody that made the game, or some composition that transcended the original work and has come to mean something to you as a bigger part of your life? 

Let me know by either leaving a comment below or sending an email to me at jparish [at] no later than Saturday Sept. 9. Try to keep your comments in the area of 200 words or so, and your memories will appear in the episode that goes up to patrons on Monday the 11th and to the public on the 18th. Thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.