A video about football games in the arcade

Kim's love of all things ball-related continues.

It's time for another Monday video! And for this one, it's time to go back to an old favourite of mine -- good, honest football. Today, I've picked a selection of my old favourites from the arcade and bunged them together in the form of a YouTube vid that, hopefully, will set off people's memories of shoving 20p's down their throat back in the day. As usual, it's watchable right here.

These games really inspire memories -- just about all oif them were ones I loved in the arcade, with the exception of the rather odd Korean-only Back Street Soccer. All of them bring me back to something in particular -- Soccer Brawl was probably one of the first arcade games I ever played, I believe. Super Sidekicks is probably the one that I played the most with my dad. Super Sidekicks 2 was down one of our local kebab shops. Virtua Striker was right there at the time when more and more 3D games were creeping into the arcades...Football Champ, in particular, takes me right back to a holiday in Skegness that was mostly spent playing either this or the almighty WWF Wrestlefest...they're all quite powerful, in their own way.

As ever, old football games aren't the most popular of subjects -- hey, there's a lot of folk who like video games and don't like sports. Still, there's great touches in so many of their games, and the simplicity of the gameplay makes them perfect for 2-player arcade fun...the sheer personality on display in something like Football Champ, just in all the little touches it has here and there, is something that not all that many games have been able to match. It's not a popular subject, but hey -- it's a big chunk of gaming history, and it deserves a lot more recognition. I'll probably do football management games next. Anyway, enjoy!