Podcasting another excursion into SEGA's arcade history

This time, it's the greats of '88, '89, and '90 under the lens.

The Retronauts East crew continues to go through SEGA's arcade history in exhaustive detail. We've already covered 1980-85 and 1986/87; this week we hit the games of 1988, ’89, and ’90. Lots of classics in here, along with some lesser-known works that even we only discovered midway through the podcast. While none of these games hit with quite the same impact as the likes of Out Run or Afterburner, SEGA wasn't slouching in this era by any means.

I do apologize for the odd oversight in this episode: I accidentally forgot to give the title of the game that I was most excited to talk about. It's Gain Ground, which you may have noticed got a callout in last week's Virtual Consoles essential list.

Also, the numeration of this episode brings the Retronauts episode list back into order after we accidentlaly skipped a number last week. Whoops!

Episode description: It's another dive into the classic arcade works of SEGA as Ben, Benj, and Jeremy visit the years 1988, ’89, and ’90 and all kinds of great and interesting games like Altered Beast, Gain Ground, Galaxy Force, and more!

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This week's musical selections come Data Discs' new vinyl release of Altered Beast, which, you know — timely!