Mail call: HyperCard and Myst

Ever program a stack? Or wander around with a page of a Link Book? Share your memories!

In our Mac gaming episode a few months back, we touched on two related topics: The HyperCard programming language, and the Myst series. They're related matters, of course. Myst began life as a HyperCard stack, although developer Cyan ultimately tinkered around with the tech enough to turn it into something completely different.

This week, Ben Elgin and I will be recording a podcast that dives a more deeply into both topics: The history of HyperCard, its place in gaming history, how Myst emerged from that tech, and ultimately how Myst became a long-running franchise spanning six games across nearly a decade and a half.

As always, we'd love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with these slices of game history! Have you conquered every Myst game? Did you create your own adventures through HyperCard? Drop me an email at jparish [at] sometime in the next couple of days and we'll include your memories and opinions in the upcoming episode's listener mail segment. Thanks!