Mega Man comics soon to be available in colour

For those of you in Black and White, Mega Man's the one in blue.

It's been a minute or so since fans of Mega Man comics have had much to shout about, what with the Archie comics series having been on "indefinite hiatus" for a good couple of years now. But if you're yearning for some more of the Blue Bomber, you might just be in luck -- there's going to be a series of reprints and translations for Hitoshi Ariga's classic Mega Man mangas from the 1990's, only they'll be in colour.

This series of comics will be coming out quarterly, and will be titled Mega Man Mastermix, with colours added for the first time by Josh Perez. The first issue will be out through UDON on January 24th 2018, and will feature 80 pages of Robot Master-based fun. There will also be four different covers -- one from Ariga, one from Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (who did the artwork for the Mega Man Legacy Collection), a blank sketch and a Retail Incentive cover by Rob "Robaato" Porter which will pay homage to a classic cartoon cover from the 1980's.

The Ariga series of Japanese Mega Man mangas have always been well known by fans for their excellence, and fans can expect to pay $7.99 for each comic -- so that's a little over $30 if you're buying all four editions! And there's also a couple more website and shop-exclusive editions, just to really hammer it home. While it's certainly something that will get the printed Mega Man out to a hungry audience, one does wonder if it's the sort of thing that everyone will like -- maybe some will see the colourisation of an originally black and white manga as a form of sacrilege? That remains to be seen. But for now, we'll have to wait until January 24th to find out just how faithful these newly translated and painted comics are going to be.