YouTube round-up: The start of 30 glorious Noggy days

Then the government takes it away again.

After a week off due to Thanksgiving and all that, it's time once again for the perfect start to your weekend: The YouTube round-up. As usual, it's a compilation of the best from the last seven days of YouTube, with a particular emphasis on the retro gaming community, and as ever you are encouraged to post your own favourites in the comments .I've kept you waiting long enough though -- let's totally do this.

  • Our premier video this week comes from Slope's Game Room, and is the complete history of Seaman. You thought that Seaman was just a single weird Dreamcast title? Think again - there's so much more. Our favourite DJ and the almighty Jimmy Hapa are here to tell you all about the many, many other weird turns that the Seaman franchise has taken.
  • A lot of people said "Hey, Norm!" today, and why? Because the Gaming Historian is back. We're all waiting for his much-hyped video on Tetris, but for now he's giving us a video on Sega's 3 biggest mistakes. Presumably the year 1995 gets mentioned quite a lot.
  • A couple of weeks ago, BrightSun Films released a fascinating video about Pahokee, the Worst Town in Florida. The tour through the Sunshine State continues today with an utterly surreal look at an abandoned beach resort.
  • LGR has another video featuring lots of stuff you might expect to find in an abandoned beach resort. Yep, it's the 37th episode of Thrifts! Expect maximum snark and nostalgia as always.
  • A boombox that uses floppy discs? What on earth? Think of all the Amiga MOD classics you could play! Probably not though...Techmoan gives us the lowdown on another piece of weirdness that acts as a means for him to show off his extensive classic Hip-Hop tape collection.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, alas, somewhat shrivelled in the face of monstrous releases such as Super Mario Odyssey. However, the latest entry in the series has been reviewed by Errant Signal, so that's worth checking out.

  • Jon Bois. Chart Party. Colin Kapernick. Little more needs to be said.
  • The Atari ST doesn't tend to get much love...but the Nostalgia Nerd is here to change that with a look at the Atari ST Power Pack, an ideal add-on for your Jackintosh.
  • Liana Kerzner has released the 2nd episode of Lady Bits, a series about video games and its relationship with sexism and all of that that's certainly a refreshing take on the whole deal. This one deals with the differences between a sexist moment and a sexist game. Fancy a curry?
  • Top Hat Gaming Man always has some strong opinions, particularly when it comes to Nintendo and their history. In this video he asks if Nintendo want you to forget about arguably their greatest failure of all, the Virtual Boy.
  • One of the most baffling software releases ever came from Firebird, who once released a compilation called "Don't Buy This: Five of the Worst Games Ever", featuring five of the worst games they'd ever received from budding coders. A couple of people have looked at this weird creation, and Octav1us Kitten is the most recent to do so. May contain cat ears.
  • Generation 16,, Greg Sewart's noble attempt to chronologically cover every single Sega Mega Drive game, is back with a new video that covers Battle Squadron, a risible port of an Amiga classic.

And that'll do it for this week! Join us next Friday for yet more YouTube fun as we get closer and closer to the Christmas season, because seriously it's only December 1st and give us a bloody break already. Bye for now!