Take a stroll down arcade memory lane in Episode 116

This week, a journey fueled by YOUR nostalgia.

We talk about old arcade games this week. And so do you.

We've rambled about the golden age of the American arcade before, and I'm pretty sure I've previously shared some of the anecdotes that appear here today. However! This episode brings in two fresh perspectives — the Ben & Benj duo of Retronauts East — along with a passel of letters from listeners. The result is something rather different than anything we've presented in the past: A window on the experience of gaming in the days when arcade cabinets were ubiquitous sights in the U.S., as shared by people who lived all across the States (and even beyond!). From the horrors of Pizza Time Theater to the resilience of Tornado Terry's, we cover a lot of ground this week.

This is a far less rigid episode than usual, and far more personal. I think it turned into something pretty special, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Episode description: Jeremy, Ben, and Benj reminisce about the experience of living through the golden age of arcades, with many additional memories coming in the form of an hour-long listener mailbag segment.

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