Golf, and a Satoru Iwata tribute, on Super NES Works

An unremarkable game that touches on a pillar of video game history.

HAL Laboratories has become quite the regular on Super NES Works — today's episode is the third video to feature one of the company's games in as many months. (Though, in fairness, one of those showed up out of chronological sequence.) But, that should come as little surprise. The studio had hitched its wagon to Nintendo during the NES era, produced the first-ever third-party release for Game Boy, and had become more or less inseparable from the larger corporation by this point.

Hole in One Golf simply marks another example of that connection, though the game does have its roots beyond the world of Nintendo, as this video explains:

Hole in One draws on the developer's own history with golf sims, and it invokes the name and likeness (in Japan) of a legendary golf pro. And it also has a not-entirely-tangential connection to a slice of history involving the late Satoru Iwata, too.

You may not care much for golfing — honestly, I myself only take interest when it involves putting into tiny windmills — but this 10-minute retrospective on a mundane, forgotten, 16-bit golf sim ranges far beyond the sport and adaptation of itself. So give it a chance! You might enjoy it despite yourself.