YouTube Round-up | Lost in a Forest

What a nice way to start the year.

What IS going on, everybody -- ya girl Kim is back from the holidays at last, which means it's time for another YouTube round-up! The first one of 2018, in fact. Of course, if you've been following the news you'll know that YouTubers have already made a big impact of 2018, in kind of the absolute worst way possible with one of the hottest stars of the platform managing an act of obnoxious dickery and exploitation so callous, even the best satirists would never have been able to think of it. But enough about that -- it's time for the best videos of the week from actual good people on the platform. The only dead bodies you're going to see here are virtual ones. Let's go!

  • There's always got to be a food video in here somewhere...have 25 minutes of the Food Ranger taking on curry after curry in Punjab, India. And he didn't even need a Newcastle United T-shirt and a pint of Carling!
  • Speaking of Newcastle United...obviously there's been many videos about the whole Logan Paul thing -- everyone's had their take, and most of them have been rightly extremely negative because how on earth do you manage to be THAT offensive. Of all of them though, none were more honest, powerful and emotionally naked than the True Geordie's. Must watch.
  • Many people have been releasing their games of 2017 vids, and I'll be having a list up exclusively for y'all on Retronauts this week. But for now, here's retro boys My Life In Gaming's look at the best of the past 12 months.
  • Lastly, DJ Slope -- who already hyas one big Ecco the Dolphin related vid under his belt -- has now done a complete history on the series. I've kinda been dragging my heels on highlighting it -- this came out last year, for heaven's sake. I must step up my game.

And that'll do it for this week! Join us once again next Friday as the ideal way to kick off your weekend returns. For now, you can use this as some nice background noise for taking down all those Christmas decorations, or rushing through your tax return or whatever else you need to do this month. Enjoy!