YouTube Round-up | Let's peep this out

Hello everyone. This is Kim Justice, YouTube review.

It's time once again! And for once, nothing terrible has happened on YouTube for the past few days! At least, I'm hoping it hasn't -- I'm having to write this on Wednesday as I'm going on a much-needed vacation to the Netherlands for the next few days. For all I know, in the time between me writing this and it going live Jacksepticeye may well have beaten up a baby. Tyler Oakley could be revealed as the KKK's Grand Dragon. Hell, maybe I've done something terrible while I'm abroad! If this is the case, then I would like to take this opportunity to pre-emptively sincerely apologise if you're offended by whatever it is that I've not done yet but will do, and I would like to stress that the charity shop was like that when I got there. But enough about that -- it's time for the YouTube round-up! Here's some awesomeness to start your weekend off just right.

  • Seeing as I'm about to take my first holiday in seven years, travel is clearly on my mind so I've been watching even more food travel vids than usual. Here's Mikey Chen AKA Strictly Dumpling, who is currently in Vietnam eating all the Pho and Banh Mi, Vietnam. Not China.
  • Pushing Up Roses is taking something of a different tack than normal and is looking at an old children's video tape from the heart of the VHS boom. It's Grandpa's Magical Toys! Check it out here before it ends up on Wheel of the Worst, if it hasn't already.
  • Company Man takes a look at a glorious fad - JNCO loose fitting jeans. Don't you remember when we all wore jeans that could have fit an aircraft carrier inside them? No? Anyway, keep a firm grip on your beltline as you watch this vdieo.
  • The awesome MsMadLemon has a video covering her trip to Amiga Ireland, one of many awesome Miggy events that take place around Europe every year, with an appearance from Commodore UK Bossman David Pleasance himself! Definitely worth checking out here.
  • Fredrik Knudsen has a great line in stories that are just plain strange in his series Down the Rabbit Hole. This week, he looks at the story of Rajneeshpuram, an Indian guru who looked to set up shop in the deserts of Oregon.

  • Sean Evans of First We Feast, one of YouTube's most popular slapheads, has a new Sean in the Wild that's very nice -- he's making the real KFC, that being Korean Fried Chicken, with the almighty Maangchi. Very lovely little video. Don't be baby.
  • Greg Sewart is back with another episode of Generation 116! #113 is all about Hard Drivin', a Mega Drive port that I'm pretty sure nobody likes at all with the exception of me.
  • When you were young, you probably fantasised about one day playing with a computer that looked like something from Star Trek. In this video, Nostalgia Nerd presents a conversion kit that claims to make such fantasies reality. But...well, does it really? Like, reeeallly?
  • GameShowGarbage is a pretty cool channel that covers the history of really bad gameshows -- not a subject that you often see on the Tubes. This week she has a video about a weird Christian video tape called McGee & Me, which also happens to feature some game show content. Again, get it before RLM do.
  • Finally, Guru Larry has achieved the singularity. After years of jokes and barbs about Peter Molyneux, he has released a video detailing 5 times that Peter Molyneux was an Asshole. He finally went ahead and did it. Obviously you should watch it.

And that'll do it for another week! Please join me in seven days' time, where I'll be providing you with another dose of YouTube's best. That is, if I'm not locked up in some Dutch prison for the horrible thing that brought YouTubers to shame once again that I might have done before this gets published which I talked about in the introductory paragraph. Bye for now!