The (game) boys of summer are back again

Yeah, it's another look at Nintendo's Baseball. For some reason.

My video production bandwidth of late has been a bit occupied by (1) next week's Analogue Super Nt review (please look forward to it) and (2) the massive ActRaiser retrospective coming the week after. So you'll have to forgive me for slacking a bit this week and putting together another Game Boy Works remaster. I plan to produce about eight of these remasters altogether. Or was it nine? I'd have to check.

Simply put, the idea behind these video remakes is to ensure that the entire Game Boy Works/World video series uses a standard video format. I didn't begin recording from real Super NES hardware via upscaled RGB video until episode 9 or 10, and everything from before that is pretty spotty-looking. Once I get those episodes up to speed, though, that's it. I don't intend to remake the first 40-odd episodes at 60fps or anything ridiculous like that, and NES/Super NES Works don't need any sort of revisiting at all. So you can look forward to forward progression rather than just an endless spinning of the ol' video wheels.


I apologize that this makes two videos about bad old baseball video games in the space of a month. But hey, it'll make ActRaiser all the sweeter, right?