YouTube Round-up | For the whole world to see...

...a flower?

Once again, it's time for the YouTube round-up. As always, there's a whole bunch of vids - some big, some small. But hopefully they'll set the weekend off just right for you! Let's have a look at what's been going down.

  • Norman Caruso, AKA The Gaming Historian, has released his long-awaited video on the story of Tetris. Even if you know the story, it's most certainly one of the most interesting ones in the entire history of gaming -- so it's surely worth a watch.
  • Turbo Button, a YouTuber that releases videos fairly rarely, has a new one out about the way that the almighty PS2 game God Hand tests your skills. Even though in the end, it's just a game about punching people.
  • The almighty DJ Slope has a little taste of some cereal. But not just any cereal -- it's SUPER MARIO cereal. Surely that's worth the price of admission, isn't it? Even if it's probably all sugary and fatty and generally rubbish like most inferior American cereals are.
  • Lindsay Ellis has a new video about Bright, the film starring Will Smith that very desperately wants to be Shadowrun but isn't and is directed by a guy who once did a cool vid about wrestling but is otherwise kind of a shithead, just like his dad. If that interests you, go watch.
  • Ashens has a look at some figures that were made for the film Last Action Hero. It's a beautiful day, and it would be good if you took a 360 (180, you spaghetti sucking cretin) and watched this video before you end up icing a guy and heading into a world of acne, shaving and premature ejaculation.

And so, there's another load of videos to set you good and right for the next couple of days -- certainly enough to fill up your weekend. Do please join me next week for another load of goodness but anyway, that's it for the moment! As always, thanks for, reading.