YouTube Round-Up: PLAY Expo Bumper Special

The best of British.

If you read my article yesterday, you'll know that I had a pretty swell time at the PLAY Expo in Blackpool! It was quite awesome indeed -- and one of the best things about it was meeting so many other YouTubers who do really exceptional work, both big and small. In tribute to that, it's time for a special edition of the YouTube round-up -- one that's packed full with as many of the awesome names from the Expo that I happened to meet, and some of their best work. You're all awesome! Apologies if I happen to miss anyone, but there was a lot of you. Anyway, here goes!

  • Ashens -- No doubt a name that you are very familiar with already, Stuart Ashen is the supreme king of reviewing complete and utter tat on the only thing that's possibly worse even less than what he's reviewing: His buggered old sofa. Having done YouTube since the beginning, he's got something for everyone -- but his cheap Chinese POP Station reviews are always a joy.
  • Game Taff -- A man from Wales with quite the love for Sega, and a cool dude in general who doesn't upload nearly enough! But hey, that's busy lives for you. Here's his video on the various Prototypes for the unreleased Sonic Xtreme.
  • Lactobacillusprime - from Holland, this is a proper YouTube gaming channel from the old school, with tech stuff, video responses, gameplays and natters...the sort of place to go to and like if you really want to get into the Retro Gaming community on the Tube. For example, here's some gameplay for the computer versions of Buggy Boy.
  • Laird's Lair - Put simply, what The Laird doesn't know about computers and stuff, in particular Atari, probably isn't worth knowing. Incredibly in-depth, something to chill too for a good long time. How's about an hour of the Atari XE?
  • MsMadLemon - One of the most chilled channels out there, and one of the nicest people. Maddi does a lot of audio tech stuff, and she also loves Amiga to bits. Here's an audio tech example -- there's nothing like Vintage Hi-fi Equipment.
  • Mrbiffo - AKA Paul Rose. A legend of the UK scene for 25 years, since the days of Digitiser, he's now on YouTube too! Digitiser will be making its return in video form soon enough, but for now you should immerse yourself in Mr. Biffo's Found Footage. It's...a serious trip.

  • Scott's Game Asylum - Scott likes to review games that are interesting, for whatever reason or another, or just games that he flat out enjoys. This review for Metal Wolf Chaos is for a game that would certainly fit in both categories -- a lovely YT'er indeed.
  • Slope's Game Room - Has been featured plenty of times here, of course -- fellow Game Lord Dan is best known for his Complete Histories of video game series, but also his Kickscammers videos, such as this rather bittersweet one about a game that was destroyed by the sun, of all things. 
  • The Backoffice - A daily channel full of fun little bits -- techie stuff, teardowns, pens, and weird little treats. Always a nice little thing to have each day, this one. Keeping in with computers, here's a classic, old fashioned Commodore 64 teardown. NICE.
  • The Retro Hour - Dan and Ravi handled the talks at the Expo brilliantly as ever, and they have their own podcast -- featuring all the latest retro news, as well as special guests. Here's an interesting one with an unheralded legend -- Stewart Chiefet, host of the Computer Chronicles.
  • Top Hat Gaming Man - Outspoken. Controversial. Old-Fashioned. British. Actually a lovely guy (but don't tell anybody)...Top Hat rides across the scene, cigar in hand, ready to cast his colonial eye over all the world of games has to offer. Here, he compares the Saturn to the N64 and asks if it's better (which it is).

And that just about wraps it up! Phew. Hopefully no-one was missed! But all of these folks are great in general, and their channels are certainly worth checking out. Please do so! Usual business will resume on the YT round-up next week, but for now it's goodbye time. So long n' that.