Episode 141: Archiving classics (and future classics) with Limited Run Games

Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart discuss their efforts to save digital games from the absolute oblivion of delisting.

Today's episode is another one of those that isn't explicitly about classic games, but it touches on a fair few while also exploring a topic that ties very directly with the Retronauts mission: Game preservation. Specifically, I went down to Limited Run Games' offices (which, it turns out, are about 15 minutes from where I live) to talk to its bosses about their endeavors to make sure digital game releases see a physical release, preventing the sort of mass extinction we're going to see with Wii eShop titles before too long. They've only published a few legitimately old games — notably the remakes of Windjammers and Night Trap — but someday, all of these games will be history, and a few thousand copies of them will exist in the wild long after PSN and eShop have shut down. It's too late for last generation's games, but Limited Run has put more than 100 games onto physical media that might otherwise have been lost to the ether someday. For those of us who actually take this ridiculous medium of our somewhat seriously, it's a welcome and necessary endeavor.

(They're also manufacturing new SEGA CD/Saturn game cases, because they're just that mad.)

You can enjoy it in the podcast embed here:

Retronauts Episode 141
Preserving future classics with Limited Run Games
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Episode description: Jeremy speaks to Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart about the Limited Run Games mission of preserving classics (and future classics) through the safety of physical media.

All music this week comes from La-Mulana EX, one of the best games Limited Run ever sold out of in about 10 minutes flat.