Hey you guys! It's an episode about The Goonies

We pilfer One-Eyed Willy's pirate ship for the greatest treasure of all: A new podcast episode.

Hey, look, it's another episode about vintage media and also the games it inspired! Don't worry, Retronauts isn't going to sublimate slowly into a non-games podcast, but it's nice to range afield sometimes. 

We have mentioned The Goonies and its games in passing many times throughout the years, but we have never recorded an episode specifically about The Goonies. Until now! Chris Sims, Ben Elgin, and I all talk this week about the kiddie-classic 1985 movie in which a bunch of losers accidentally save their homes by stumbling through a series of elaborate coincidences, followed by some chit-chat about the games. And, yes, another Jetpack Goonies promise…

Folks from the U.S. should recognize the illustration being paid homage in this cover illustration — it's a classic piece of Americana. I don't know how well Norman Rockwell's work is known outside the U.S., though. In any case, Rockwell's illustration placed one more person at the table than there were Goonies (even after Andy is sworn in) so I went ahead and added Annie the Mermaid to the cast. She's canon now, baby.

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The Goonies
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Episode description: Continuing our exploration of media properties that inspired classic games (and, also, the games they inspired), Jeremy, Ben, and Chris climb down the Fratelli's fireplace to hunt for the ancient treasure known as The Goonies.

All music here comes from The Goonies II, except the one actual song performed by our favorite waffle-haired wrestlemaniac chanteuse, Cyndi Lauper.